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[Table] My name is Paolo Cattaneo. 5 years ago I quit my job, sold everything I had and embarked in a trip around the world on a motorcycle. Rode for almost 185000 km. Still going! Here to answer question about self sustained living on the road and long distance solo travelling. AmA! (pt 1)

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How much does this lifestyle cost you on average? Obviously it will vary by location Since the most asked question will be probably this one, I decided to break it down mathematically so, hopefully, it would be more transparent for everybody.
I don't think I could summarize with an average how much I spent per month, since the delta from month to month was absolutely unpredictable. But somehow everybody seems to love maths so... There you go.
A couple of things first: 1) different countries have different cost for food, accommodation, fuel and spare parts so to make an average, it s actually quite hard. For instance, a country like Peru cannot be compared in terms of costs with a country like the Netherlands in all terms. 2) when I travel, I am not on vacation. Just because I visit places and don't work, doesn't mean I can afford things like people that go on vacation for 2 weeks. People on holidays usually maintain the same level of comfort they have at home, or even improve it, righteously spoiling themselves, for the few days they have off in a year. I do the exact opposite. I spoil myself by not having to go to work.
Hence, there are 3 major costs in travelling on a motorcycles are: 1) fuel and bike parts (tyres, oil, filters, etc) 2) accommodation 3) food
These are also in order of importance. Fuel and bike maintenance guarantees the continuity of the journey so, those have the absolute priority. Where I sleep or what I eat, do not matter much. I will survive whatever I eat and wherever I sleep. It's incredible what our body can do end endure.
After a year of travelling I found out that, because my life and routine changed completely, I didn't need 3 meals a day anymore. Removing 1 meal a day allowed me to save a lot of money in the long run. It is a sacrifice but it is doable and It is super practical. I also found fasting good for the mind.
Sleeping arrangements could also affect greatly on your expenditures so, depending on countries and weather conditions, I usually opt to sleep in my tent or in hostels. Sometimes I do couchsurfing or stay at other motorcyclists houses, friends, friends of friends, etc. I ve also slept at complete strangers houses that i met on the road and that were reaching out simply to help. It s unbelievable how many people, just want to give you a hand. It s impossible to explain it. You have to see it yourself to believe it.
The cheap hostel in Peru would cost $5-6 a night, while in the USA $25.
In this sense, I estimated an average of 10 USD a night for accommodation for and average of 20 days per month. Again, It is a rough estimate. Let s say the other 10 days I sleep at people's houses, or in my tent or couchsurfing (so at no cost). Foodwise I usually drink a coffee (I carry my own little Italian coffee machine) in the am, with a piece of bread or instant oatmeal. Then I ride the whole day and reach my destination at 4-5 pm. I then eat. I mostly eat vegetarian but i occasionally have meat. I mostly shop at cheap supermarkets or local markets. Vegetables are cheap and nutritious and available all over the world. And so is pasta and rice. This whole thing costs me let s say 10 USD a day.
So for Food and Accommodation I roughly spend 500 USD. Then there's fuel. Fuel costs can vary from country to country but, for the sake of it, let s put fuel price at 1.2 USD a liter (4.5 USD a gallon). My bike in standard riding conditions does 20km per liter of fuel. In 5 years I rode 180000 km. That's 36000 a year. That s 3000 a month. So 3000/20 = 150 liters. 150 x 1.2 = 180 USD
The grand total is 500+180= 680USD per month Let s put 100 USD in for extras and whatever. It's 780 USD a month, if you will. But trust me when I say that I think I spend less than that.
There you go.
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What is your coffee maker? Moka pot i'm guessing? I have a little Bialetti coffee machine, yes. :)
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Yeah, that confirms you are really Italian. So is my SO, and when we are traveling, she will start complaining about the bad coffee by the time we get to the airport 😄 I am Italian...but I'm also passed that point of complaining about food all the time! I learned to enjoy my meal...regardless. :)
another coffee reply
Any tips for the Bialetti? A neighbor gave me one and I used it with Café Bustelo and it was crazy stong, albeit not too bad. Use less coffee ground! 😅
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If you saved 40k, are you down to very little money now? I'm just thinking it's been 5 years, and I imagine you've had some unexpected expenses that would have your average end up being relatively accurate on aggregate, even if you typically spend less in a month. At $700 per month, you would be out of money. And even just the plane tickets from Australia to starting point and from somewhere to Greece where you say you were during Covid is a couple months of your budget I'd imagine. Yes, i had some unforeseen expenses. But luckily I also had a lot of help from people giving me shelter and food. In that sense I didn't spend all my money in food and accommodation but for the sake of average expenses I had to calculate it that way. In greece i found a job as volunteer in exchange of accommodation. That saved me 3 months of rent. Things like this cannot be included in average. I simply did the math to make people understand how much would it cost if life on the road would be without variables. There are too many to be considered.
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Even if it's only 600 at month, you have been riding around for how long? It seems hard to think you saved so much and you are still using the money you saved. Is anyone helping you financially? I swear...i am using my money. 😅👍 It s hard to imagine how cheap it is to live frugally...if you renounce to most comforts we have in life. But I wouldn't mind now to have a benefactor(s) and sleep in a comfy bed or have a nice meal for a change.
Does it not worry you how you might have exhausted your financial resources by the time you want to return? What do you think life after this would be like? I hope I don't sound rude; just trying to understand how you are managing your life. What you are doing is absolutely amazing; I'd love to travel too but I am not rich either, and the thought of ending up penniless by the time I am 30 terrifies me. Hey, it's a completely plausible question and I am happy to answer that. Quitting your job, your financial stability, selling everything you have, saying goodbye to everybody and ride is a "liberating" experience. In this sense, all the fears you mentioned are gone or somehow abandoned, the moment you decide to go for it! I have no fear of what lies in front of me because the mental step that I took years ago, required me to go beyond exactly this mental gap of "jumping into the unknown". Financially speaking, yeah, i don't like to have no money aside...but also, I know that I will do something about it (like finding a new stimulating gig) when the time comes. When I found myself locked in Greece during the pandemic, I couldn't really foresee what would have happened in the next months. Surely paying rent for months and being confined in an apartment wasn't ideal so I looked for volunteering jobs. Found one that allowed me to stay in an apartment for free in exchange of 3 hours of work per day. My point is that, adaptation is a key skill that I got to develop thanks to this experience on a motorcycle. I will take care of the my retirement plan, when time comes.
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Thanks for the answer. That's a wonderful perspective. I guess your anxiety lessens once you realize how capable you are of adapting to different situations, which I'm sure you must have had to do a bunch of times since you started. You are amazing, thanks for the inspiration :) It's incredible how inclined we are to adapt, If we simply...TRY ! I never thought I would be able to do a lot of things I am doing today. I just gave it a try...failed...and tried again. I did learn, by simply trying. And I'm clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.
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I feel like you cloud start vlogging your journeys, and form a Patreon to fund it. You've seen lots of fun things, and will see more. Yes. At the beginnings I started blogging but then I realized that it would have turned my trip into a job i left the monetization of my journey aside. I just quit my job to travel and enjoy my life. Didn't want to think about money again! Patreon seem good but I haven't really found the guts to ask money to people...yet. When I ll be in need maybe i will!
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In no way am I trying to attack you or diminish your extraordinary feat; just the fact that you had the courage to take the first step gives me crazy respect for you. BUT. There is so much privilege needed to get to where you have gotten. Not financial privilege mind you, you've worked your arse off to get here. But the fact that you could somehow travel to and stay in the US (for 3 years!) and then Australia without really thinking twice tells me your white skin and European passport has played a huge role in your mental safety net. As a coloured man with a shitty passport, just getting a visa to fly somewhere would be a huge fucking deal. Add to that the racism I'd face in plenty of places around the world, yeah not happening haha. You are absolutely right, my friend. I do understand that the fact that I am white and that I have an EU passport helped me A LOT. I am absolutely aware of this and I am not so naive to think that most of the times I got away with many things because of this. Coming from other countries or being a different colour could unfortunately still play a role, these days, when moving from country to country. Said this, I got denied my entrance to USA few times anyway. They are quite strict in that sense. But it always depends on the customs officer you find at the time of entry. Anyway. I get your point. Although, it's not a definite factor for your will to travel. You can still do it.
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I love everything you're doing and have spent the last hour just reading your answers. I don't think you're answering anymore but... Do you have any plans of coming to India? I hope I get to meet you if you do come. Hey! Of course i have plans for India! Hopefully the covid will end soon! It all depends on that now
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You can write blogs, and make YouTube videos to sustain your adventures! I am sure many of us would like to see your journey. I got few videos on youtube but i never really invested too much time (clearly) in that. Maybe I should
I always hear about people "giving up everything" and traveling the world. However, most people have worries about their economic status. Can you speak to yours at the point when you embarked? How much money had you saved, did you have any debt, what did you do with your belongings (Were there things you stored somewhere because you did want to sell or get rid of them? Did you pay for storage?), did you create a plan to generate additional income (e.g., plans for side jobs while traveling), and have you thought how to re-integrate into the "working world" when your traveling concludes (or are you hoping YouTube, etc. supports you)? Thanks! So, I started saving money when I moved to Australia. In 5 years I rounded up $40k more or less. I had no debts and, regardless the bank offering me "super interesting" offers about Credit Cards or Mortgages to buy properties, I didn't end up getting in debts with any banks. I also avoided kids and wives. I was renting an apartment and sharing it with a friend. When I decided to leave I sold all my furnitures on Gumtree (local Craigslist) and donated all my clothes to Salvation Army (Goodwill). I had no belongings left except what I piled on the bike when I left. And few months in I also realized that I didn't even need some stuff that I brought along. I did quit my job with no plans to work while travelling. I wanted, for the first time in my life, have a moment to simply ENJOY THE MOMENT without thinking about work and life as I knew it. I wanted to experience freedom, without the burden of thinking about my future constantly and what's going to happen next. I was raised with this mental construct too, so to break free from that was indeed liberating. I do not know how is going to be when this part of my life ends. If I have to go back to work, I will. But with a different heart and mind.
How did you manage it, physically? I find that my legs, back, bottom and body ache after just a few hours of riding (3+ hours), and this gets worse and worse over time (6+ hours, etc). Even on a comfortable touring motorcycle, I can’t imagine riding continuously for weeks or months at a time. Yes. Physically was challenging indeed. I had to replace my seat because the was no more foam inside. It was like sitting on a stool. Back and arse are the worst affected areas. I rode with a bit of a windscreen, so that helped to ease some of the neck pain. Luckily I had some physical conditioning to start with, but eventually I got out of shape. But, like everything in life, we eventually get used to it.
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How many hours do you ride a day? It really depends. When I do ride, let's say that is a minimum of 1 and a half to 13 hours.
Could you maybe do a "what's in my bag"-post, show us the gear, tools and clothing you use and talk a bit about why you chose what? Ok.
Pannier 1 Camping Gear: - Sleeping bag - Air mattress - 3 people tent (I'm a tall guy) - $20 cooking pot set - propane gas tank - pocket knife - foldable chair - water bladder
Pannier 2 Electronics and knick knacks: - 11" laptop - 2 hard drives (backup!!!) - Chargers - portable tyre compressor - spare oil filter - spare front tube - cable ties - duct tape - bungee cords - first aid kit - spare bolts and screws
Tool bag - various moto tools
Duffle bag: - Clothes (various)
Tank Bag: - Drone - Toothbrush - Notepad - Small Lock - Pen
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Did you have any problems with the drone? I remember you told me once on instagram that you planned on visiting Azerbaijan but couldn’t because Azerbaijan closed all the borders. Let me warn you that if you decide to come when borders reopen, know that drones are illegal here. Retarded law I know but you really cannot do anything about it because it is highly enforced. Probably you can give it up in customs and pick it up when you leave Nicaragua is the same. They don't allow drones in their country. I had to send it to costa rica via mail.
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Traveling without a Leatherman. I can't believe it. It s listed. "Pocked knife" ;) You are right...i should have said Leatherman
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What drone do you have? DJI mavic Air.
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I have a CB600F I've fitted panniers to and can't fathom how you got all that camping stuff into one pannier, your packing skills must be sick I got some pretty roomy panniers too. Giant Loop is actually a company from Oregon, USA that makes these spectacular bags. I ve been riding with their products for years now.
Well nobody has asked it yet.. How did you self sustain yourself for so long? I understand everything is cheaper in South America but you also went through North America. In north America, specifically in USA, I had some friends that helped me finding accommodation along the way. I also wild camped a lot. Froze my arse up couple of nights too... But It's doable in Canada and USA since the land is so vast and you can always find a place to pitch your tent in safety.
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See my trouble always begins when I pitch a tent I used to be the same, mate!
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Maybe I'm just jaded but I don't know of anywhere you can just pitch a tent and sleep in the woods. Everywhere I've ever been camping there's an 80 dollar fee and you get a designated campground. Download iOverlander.
Hi, sorry if this is a personal question, but how often did you get laid? Do cultural differences play a role? Personal question, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for asking "sensibly".
When travelling from town to town it's easy to meet people. The common Idea is that travellers get laid a lot. Unfortunately, in my case, I do not go out much when I travel, so my social encounters are limited to the location where I end up spending the night. I also typically stay not longer than a day or two, which is also usually not enough to create a connection with a potential partner (in my case). A lot of women are indeed attracted by the "solitary wolf" riding a motorcycle around the world, but they are not generally inclined to have a one night experience. Hence, the answer to your question, is that I rarely get laid. Cultural differences are what make mating interesting though. One trait that is standard for your part of the world, could be extremely exotic in another. Sometimes even the accent in which you speak a foreign language, could be a favourable factor.
But at the end, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
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Dai ammettilo che l'accento italiano aiuta. Storia interessante la tua. Ti auguro il meglio! Sorry guys.. Italian things going on here ( shakes hands in the air ) Un pochino aiuta! ;) cheers!
How did you deal with language barriers? In all latin america the most spoken language is Spanish. I struggled at the beginning but after the first month, I had a decent basic level that allowed me to communicate quite easily with the locals. In Brazil was hard again, since portuguese was completely new for me. But again, after 1 month I got used to it and I was able to have basic conversations. If you give yourself enough time, you'll pick up any language.
In other situations I used my english or sometimes, like recently in Greece, Google Translate. Works beautifully!
Is it true that Italian and Spanish go hand in hand? I had some friends from Mexico who were confident that they could pick up Italian if they lived in Italy and were forced to use it every day for a month or 2. There are different and discordant opinions about this. I personally believe that Italian and Spanish are VEEEEERY similar. I think that any spanish speaker could easily pick on italian if spending some time in the country. And viceversa. But I also met people that thought otherwise. Not sure why. It wasn't too complex for me to pick up spanish. Definitely not perfect, but way better than a native english speaker.
What was the coolest thing you saw? Hard to pinpoint one single thing. Saw so many incredible things in 5 years! Nature always strucks me the most. Some places leave you speechless. Some encounters too. But the coolest experience for me was to swim with marine wildlife in Australia and Ecuador.
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Hey I from Ecuador! Glad you enjoyed the wildlife. Can you elaborate on your experience there? Did you visit the Galapagos islands? Ecuador is hands down my favorite country...for its people, for nature, for food, roads...i mean, i had a fantastic time there. I also visited Galapagos and It was one of the highlights...of my life!! I simply incredible. If there was ever a place on earth close to Jurassic Park...
How does your license work? I mean if you have a drivers license in one country and you drive through multiple countries. What happens if you get pulled over? Having European or Australian driver license is sufficient to drive in most foreign countries. I do have an International Driver License, which is simply a piece of paper you can request from your local Automobile Club, that translates your license in many languages and which is helpful when finding an "scrutinous" policeman. At the borders they never check your driving license.
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What about the motorbike's papers? Did you need a carnet de passage ? And could you tell us about the shipping of the bike, plane or boat, expense, level of organisation needed? For the americas, you don't need CdP. The shipping of bike could be done by cargo ship or plane. Both are not cheap but quite feasible. There are agencies that usually take care of the paperwork for you. A simple google search could help you pinpoint some good info. Unfortunately because rules and prices change from country to country, prices have to be requested to the company you choose. It is usually around $1500 + to ship a motorcycle indicatively...for both sea or air freight.
Can you speak on your base knowledge of bikes at the start of your travels? I'm interested in purchasing a bike to cruise around America in once (if) this pandemic blows over. Did you ever have to do any emergency DIY work when you couldnt make it to a garage for professuonal repairs? First of all: DO IT!! it's an amazing experience. I had basic/zero motorcycle mechanical skills when I started. I often used youtube as a source of "inspiration". Now I rather do the job myself than taking my bike into a shop. If you are going to cruise around the US, you wont need to carry much spares, since you can buy and have most parts shipped wherever you are. Somehow even breaking down, if happens, is a great part of the overall adventure.
[deleted] I am not sure. Yet. Definitely the more I go on with this adventure (and life) the more I become aware of myself and my surroundings. I am looking forward to have somehow a peaceful life in harmony with my surroundings. Stress has been out of my life for a while now and I want to keep it this way. Don't have a family. Never had kids or wives. I think it's going to stay this way...but you never know.
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You've been doing this 5 years now. Do you feel the need to keep moving after you've been somewhere for a few days? How long is the longest you've been stationary since staring and did you ever feel like you wanted to get off the road for a longer time. Well...yes I always feel the need to see something more and explore. I get bored easily. But I have to say that during my Lockdown in Greece I was absolutely at peace. I really enjoyed my down time and i took advantage of it by taking care of many little things i left behind.
Did you tend to keep to yourself most of the time, or would you go out to meet people and socialize with the locals in the area? I am not really a "social beast" anymore. I socialize in hostels and when I look for food mostly...but I don't go out at night. That is quite personal, but I prefer a quiet night than pubs. This allowed me somehow to save a lot of money in the long run. I may have missed out in "social opportunities", but I prefer this way.
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But you did meet a lot of people right? Im not social at all and it keeps me from traveling, im afraid that it would ruin the experience if I dont click with anyone haha. You gave me some confidence this will be a smaller problem than I think it is. I am an introvert and generally speaking, kind of a geek. So yeah...not really the outgoing kind of guy...but, when travelling alone, you don't have that social pressure anymore. You are by yourself and there's nothing to tell you what you have or not have to do. you are free. And will meet tons of people!!
Where do you stay at (camping, airbnb, rental, etc) ? Where you get money from? What do you usually carry with you? What is you most essential item? Have you made many friends? I mostly stay in Hostels (when is cheap enough). In latin America, you can pay from $5-$10 for a night in a shared dorm. When in remote areas, I camp. Best thing ever. Otherwise I use Couchsurfing. Occasionally I stay with friends and/or other bikers that got to know my story and want to help out. I live off my own savings. Most essential Item is "Common sense". AKA try not to do extremely stupid things. :)
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How far do you usually have to plan ahead to find couchsurfing accommodations? The one thing that has deterred me from trying it out is that my motorcycle trips almost never stick to the schedule I have planned. Either due to unforeseen circumstances or maybe just deciding to ride around an area longer. Have you given people on CS a range of dates/times that you would arrive, or do you have to have your arrivals planned thoroughly? Yes, you usually have to investigate one or two weeks ahead to find accommodation with couchsurfing. Especially because I am a single guy. If i was a girl, i could find somewhere to sleep in few hours. Ahah. Oh well, women are less threatening i guess! ;) But yeah. You do need to check first and give a rough estimate of days of your permanence. Typically 2-3 days is the max. Then if both parties are ok, you can extend.
Have you ever done any housesitting for accommodation? I've done smaller trips like this, staying in hostels and campsites. I've heard of housesitting more recently and once I go again I'm thinking of trying it out. When looking at listings though it almost seems to good to be true. I just wonder if there is a catch to it I ve never done housesitting specifically. But I ve used HelpX, Workaway, woofing, etc to find occasional gigs that allowed me to get accommodation in return of small jobs. In Greece i stayed in a 9 apts complex on the beach by myself, in exchange of cleaning and painting! Great deal indeed
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If you were a woman, there would also be far more risks to couch surfing alone. I'd definitely prefer planning over higher risk of sexual assault. Women have more chances of getting hosted because there are a lot of women hosts too. Or couples. They are definitely more willing to host a woman. But i get your point
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Thanks, got another question. What is enough savings for a year in Latin America? well, it really depends of what kind of lifestyle you want. If you are ok sleeping in hostels every night and eating cheap market food...doesn't really take much! depending on which countries you want to visit too and how you want to move around! you can do it hitchhiking too if you want! and that won't cost you a thing! Just time!
How did you manage to not have your motorcycle stolen? Common sense. Mostly parked inside or in "safe areas" when possible. You can never be 100% sure but I never had issues of sort in my 5 years of travelling. Actually somebody stole my tool bag in Vancouver, Canada.
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As a Canadian id like to say “sorry”. apologies accepted! ;)
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As a Vancouverite, I'm not surprised. We have a large homeless population and they target anything they can find to steal and sell. It wasn't a homeless guy per se...was definitely a junkie. I went to Hastings street 3 days in a row to see if i could find my stuff...but it was gone. Bummer.
how were the first few months without the things that you were used to having? (sorry for the bad english, it isn't my main language) Your english is fine, mate! First month was HARD! 😅 I had never camped in my life and the longest moto trip I took by that time was only 350km. So yeah, in the beginnings the learning curve was steep! Basic things like "where to sleep at night every night" or "how to store food" were kind of abstract concepts for me. My first night camping was also my first night on the road. It was horrible. I paid so much money to camp in a so so campground, with noisy and drunk neighbors. It also rained at night. Haha An absolute fail! It got better and better with time. Also looking for food, packing and taking care of the bike. It was a full immersion in a brand new lifestyle for me. A great experience indeed
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Paolo, your first night camping sounds ... well, it sounds really terrible! I'm curious how you would compare that first inexperienced night with say... an average night camping somewhere, anywhere, I don't know... say 2-4 years later after having done it for a while. In which ways did that first inexperienced night of camping come to differ from your more seasoned camping night to night later on? What kinds of routines did you end up falling into on those nights that you picked up from years of experience having done it? Well...let's just say that my love for camping escalated quickly as well. I started camping in the wild...not in confined facilities, and I simply loved it. Sitting quietly in front of the fire at night, after a long day riding, watching the stars appear slowly in the sky... The silence. I learned that camping in a busy campsite, with kids screaming and music playing is not the kind of camping I was looking for. Surely is great for families, because usually it is a safe environment for kids to play in, but for solo travellers looking for some quiet is not. Better to hide somewhere behind a tree or some bushes and have a quiet night with some privacy. Free of charge.
How badly do you stink? Joking of course, good luck with your adventures. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? ;)
Not to be nosey but what would qualify as enough money to "sustain yourself for a while"? And how long do you consider that "a while" to be? I had no Idea how much It would cost me to live, travel and not work, since I had never done it before. But I knew how much It costed me to live in Sydney for a year, without any extras (just food, accommodation, rent and bills). I assumed initially that my trip around the world would have lasted a maximum of 1 year and a half. Was I wrong! I pretty much had saved $40k in 5 years of work.
Thanks for doing this! How much do you talk to strangers? I can imagine either being very sociable, or taking the opportunity to be more solitary. Also, when you were traveling the world, how specifically did you keep in contact with friends and family back home? Was one service/approach more effective than another? I love to talk with Locals!! It's the best thing! I love to talk with older people especially. They can really give you a better perspective about the place and overall more interesting stories about their lives. Sometimes there's a language barrier but I try regardless. Hostels are also a great place to meet friends and people from all over the world. Aside from this, travelling solo on a motorcycle or bicycle naturally attracts curiosity, so I also met some good friends of mine at gas stations or random rest areas in the middle of nowhere.
To keep in touch with family and friends nowadays is quite easy. Mobile data networks are excellent worldwide and you can buy local sim cards to use local carriers data traffic. I use whatsapp and fb messenger the most.
What kind of income are you receiving to sustain this lifestyle long-term? Living off my life savings. I am self supported. Just worked for few years, saving as much as I could and then took off.
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That sounds epic... Met a few guys like that, but never had the balls to do so myself. If you read this: how much of a mechanic are you? Do you do stuff yourself of do you bring your bike to the shop for maintenance/tires? At the beginning I wasn't really able to do much on my bike, except changing brake pads maybe. Then I tried and read forums online about troubleshooting...and of course youtube mate!! I tend to have a mechanic change my tyres, since it's a hell of a job and takes 4 minutes with proper machines. you can find tyre mechanics literally EVERYWHERE.
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But, with the estimate you gave it would cost like 9k usd per year to maintain that lifestyle. You’ve been doing it for 5 years. I guess it’s hard for a lot of Americans to imagine saving up 45k+ in the few years that you worked. trust me, It's even harder for an italian to conceive to save up 40k in 5 years of work. Most italians will be able to save that amount maybe in 10-15 years. That's why I quit my job in italy and moved to Australia, where salaries are way higher. It's just sad that I had to leave my family, friends and country to be able to have a better life.
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Why dont you try to register for welfare in Australia, and get the welfare cheques deposited into your account? I thought about it while riding around Australia. But I didn't find it fair. I mean, I wasn't in need of cash to sustain my living and there were probably people who seriously did. Plus I think you have to show up for interviews and I preferred to let go.
OP, you're doing what I've dreamed of doing since I was about 21... I'm 32 now. I've saved a bit of money, and have no debt, and am still considering it... but feel as though it would be irresponsible at this point? shrugs I have a few questions, Ever considered staying at a spot for a few weeks and doing some manual labor for extra scratch to help you along in your travels? Ever had any problem with weird parasites in some of your rougher spots (scabies, bedbugs, intestinal issues) such as cheap hostels and whatnot? Since you don't go to bars or anything like that, what's the easiest way for you to meet new people? Ever felt any "I'm about to get robbed" vibes while on the road? Did you make rules like not traveling too late, etc.. I'm considering doing this very thing, since I make a good living but am already a minimalist and don't really need anything... I don't care about owning a house, or having nice clothes or any of that nonsense. I suppose it'd just be a drag to hit a dead end, have to return to the workforce after a few years of traveling and finding myself unable to secure a decent gig again. Anyways, if you've read this, thanks for your time and thanks for doing this AMA! Good luck man, and stay safe. Mate, when I left for my first trip around Australia, I was I completely understand where you are coming from. It take a bit of time to prepare and commit to this. I highly recommend it though. I stopped occasionally and did some jobs, yes, but were more like small temporary gigs...that paid maybe for a new set of tyres than anything. Still! Once I pressured washed mine trucks for a week in South Australia. Haha i was covered in mudd but I was happy. I also cleaned few apartments in greece in exchange of accommodation....things like that. Things will come your way if you look hard enough.
Didn't have any problems with bugs or parasites no. Got lucky on this one i guess. But i do believe I built my immune system pretty well.
The easiest way to meet people is in hostels. Being in your 30s you are already on the "old side" for a hostel, but you are still ok. ;) haha
Sometimes yes i felt i was going to get robbed or mugged...but never happened. I never travel with cameras and other expensive items with me. When i am on the bike, there s always the "surprise effect", meaning that people are more shocked to see somebody travelling solo than tempted to rob him right away.
How has the pandemic altered any future travel plans? The pandemic changed things quite drastically. A lot of other travellers I know got stuck somewhere or had to cancel their plans until further notice. Still not sure what to do in the long terms. Covid definitely made everything more unpredictable.
What are the cheapest and best places you would suggest a young person go visit? Also, just out of curiosity, when do you think you’ll stop? Well, there are plenty of great places to go explore on a tight budget. Latin America and South East Asia are generally speaking quite cheap. I would recommend Bolivia or Peru, in SA...and Cambodia in SEA. As a start...
I Hope I will be able to go on for few more years...but so far I am pretty content with what I've done already.
How do you overcomevia issues? I believe you referred to "Visa issues"?!
Well, having an Italian passport is quite handy since you get visa on arrival (valid for 1-3 months) as a tourist in most of the countries in the world. I had to request and pay for my Russian and Mongolian visa though. You can request that 1-2 weeks before entry in any available Embassy.
the below is a reply to the above
And what about other practical stuff like insurance for the motorcycle(is it allowed to be abroad for such a long time ?) ? Maybe obligatory x-yearly technical vehicle inspections (so far not needed in a lot of european countries but about to change so you were lucky I guess) ? Official site of residence (or what is it called, it is really hard to be 'homeless' in some countries, probably depends on what your current 'home country' is ) ? Ok so, insurance for motorcycle is something you need to get every time you enter a new country. Some insurance companies will insure foreign vehicles, but it isn't always the case. My bike is australian so after a certain point you need to inspect the vehicle to renew the registration. There is a process through which you can go to an associated mechanic in the country where you are and have the vehicle inspected and the results sent to the Australian motorvehicle authority. Then you can renew your papers online and have the new registration sent to you overseas. My official country of residence is still Australia, because it is where I want to go back to.
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for the response. I can imagine it is not the most interesting thing to talk about but I am planning on doing something similar with a van + motorcycle (that fits in the van) combo so I am super interested in hearing about the (boring) administrative side of someone who is actually doing it :D. I had no idea something was possible like the remote inspection, I hope something similar exists in my country too. So far I only read you have to go to inspection asap when returning to your country if you were abroad. But I can imagine that is not going to fly if you plan on being away for a very long time though :P. Also: did you happen to keep a list of insurance companies that were willing to do it ? In that sense things change rapidly and new and better companies may arise. Better check with locals or use iOverlander app to find these kind of info.
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[Table] IAmA Fake Scientist. I'll answer questions about any scientific field, writing a real fake textbook, and the secret life of Manganese. AMAA.

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Questions Answers
My favorite part of your website is the gifs. They are very funny, especially the one of Einstein waving his muscles! Why aren't there any gifs included in your book? There are a few ways you can upgrade your reading experience to include GIFs!
Blink very quickly while smelling high grade varnish.
Hit yourself with the book before reading.
Flip the pages quickly for a hilariously wacky "page number" GIF.
Biologist here! We tutor a group of kindergarteners who have had the exact same problem!
I'm currently running a Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph, but I'm having some trouble. My ECD (electron capture detector) seems to be losing sensitivity. Have you tried recalibrating the ECD to detect something more easily sensed, like the smell of popcorn or a major explosion?
Any thoughts on how I might fix the problem? With our kindergarteners, we decided to fix the problem by changing the focus of our study. After a few hours, we discovered red crayons taste like bacon!
Hmm, I had been trying to appeal to its sensitivity by leaving fresh-cut roses and chocolates around the lab, but we have a large amount of ammonium nitrate around, too, so I'll try the explosions! Thanks for your help! I'll report back. Are you using dark chocolates or simple Hersheys? If you want that chromatograph to respond, you can't use the cheap stuff.
I have a bag of Godiva Gems, so I'm somewhere in the middle ground, I think. This particular one is running ECD with a Ni-63 radioisotope, is it possible the radioactive core is bad? Here's a picture, in case you need to see what I'm talking about. Do you know French? That might help, especially if the Chromatograph likes poetry.
Oui, un peu. La machine ne dispose pas d'une bouche, malheureusement. Même si je suis la récitation de la poésie, où dois-je mettre les chocolats? I also have a 1901 copy of a French translation of the Arabic book "The Perfumed Garden." Do you know Edith Piaf? If you can get a friend to look or sound like her, that could be crucial to your studies.
math Write out the question. Show all your work. Use only a pencil. Upon failure, use the calculator.
psychology Philosophy teaches us to question everything, except if philosophy classes are really worth $40,000 in tuition. To find one plus one, we have to ask if there really is an objective answer and, if so, will it help pay back these crippling college loans?
physics One hundred college freshman will be given a twenty five dollar stipend to answer the question for you. Even if they all answer "7," their work will be extrapolated to the entire population.
chemistry Face the person asking the question. Hit them using force. Using energy, run away before they can see your face.
theology Put both ones on a Bunsen burner and see if they merge.
Ignore question and spend time preparing for onslaught of angry Redditors.
Hi, I'm currently a biologist, but several people have been asking me several physics questions so I've consulted your website on several occasions. Many of the experiments I am asked to carry out require me to conduct the work within a vacuum. Do you have any recommendations for which brand I should purchase? We've found that Dyson is great and frequently sounds more British than other vacuums. You'll also need a control, and if it's a remote one, at least two AA batteries.
How do we know your cat isn't fake as well??? We think it's only reasonable you trust us about the cat. That said, we will bring it to the computer to type.
There, are you satisfied now?
How do we know if your cat is even really alive still? I once read something about a "Schrodinger's Cat" that was a zombie or something and now I just don't trust cats... It could be both dead and alive, which is one of the reasons the hospital is so important. Right now, the cat is stuck inside a death trap of a box and can't get out! Please feel free to send over a hundred dollars.
Donations are tax deductible, if you lie on your taxes.
How do you ensure your science is 100% fake? I wouldn't want to be swindled into buying a book of real science. We have a scrupulous process of peer ignorance, in which almost all of our peers refused to read the book beforehand. This ensures that our data remains inaccurate. In addition, the entire book was run through a spelling and grammar checker, and if any of the spelling or grammar was correct, it was immediately fixed.
How come it's colder on top of a mountain since the top is closer to the sun? Though the top of a mountain is closer to the sun, the sun is primarily intended for tanning. If you don't have a golden hue, the sun is the place to go.
Heat, however, comes from the molten center of the Earth. A mountain top is far from the Earth's center, and therefore colder. However, the isolation means you can strip away your climbing clothes and finally lose those tan lines.
Why are mountain tops not golden then? A mountain top starts much paler, so what you see is more tan than it would be, but still not as tan as a person.
Assuming it's a Thursday, approximately how many nuclear reactors would it take to power Jupiter? Unfortunately, we can't assume it's a Thursday, since that could fall on Thanksgiving, and the use of turkey cutters would significantly increase Jupiter's electric usage.
Assuming it is a non-holiday Wednesday, we could actually test this by periodically sending nuclear reactors in the general direction of Jupiter. Once we are able to see broadcasts from Jupiter, like radio, television, and the occasional joke blog, it will be safe to assume the planet is powered and has developed an appropriate economy in response. Then we would blow up the reactors, of course, to control the threat.
Are the pieces of gravity on Jupiter really 10 times the size of the ones here on Earth? That's one of the reasons it's difficult to land there because a gravity chunk could hit a rover. However, it may spur innovation, since we could mine gravity for use on Earth.
Tides go in, tides go out... can't explain it, right? The moon controls the tides by dipping into the sea each night. That's why you see the moon emerge from the horizon.
When it emerges, the water replaces it and the tides go "out" once again.
Follow up: How girl get pragnent?! >Who hasn’t wondered, when sitting in a library or on a crowded airplane flight, where all these babies come from?
>It all begins with a stork. Imagine a nest in the wild as the sun rises. A stork flies in from the distance, his eyes intense. There is work to do. The stork brings babies to parents without fail and, from that point on, life begins. However, this is only true when the babies are baby storks.
>For humans, babies begin when a male’s sperm attacks the female egg. These sperm contain a male’s genetic information and are strongly sexually attracted to the egg. The egg contains a female’s genetic information and is less attracted to the sperm but chooses one anyway because it’s too lazy to keep waiting. If the sperm and egg are in love, based on a relationship of mutual support and respect, they create a new baby.
>This new baby contains the genetic information, or “flaws,” from both of the parents. This is one of the reasons it is born bald and crying. It begins to grow in the stomach of the female mother, since the man’s stomach is hairier and might cause the baby to choke. Growth continues and the woman starts consuming more food in order to compensate for the creature growing inside of her. It’s recommended that women not drink during pregnancy, since it’s difficult to know whether the baby prefers beer or liquor.
I should have dropped out of school and just bought your book. There's still time to enroll at a new school and then drop out.
How do we know you are a fake scientist and not a real one? You may have discovered something called a "paradox," which is a word that means someone has too much time to kill.
If you don't think we're real, take the beaker to the side of your laptop and see what happens when you douse your monitor with the appropriate chemicals. Only a real scientist could withstand a cup full of digoxin!
Is the plasma in our blood, the same plasma they use to make fancy flat screen televisions? This is the reason it's so high definition, because the TVs are made at the same resolution as people.
How do magnets work? Some of our best research is on magnets.
Can you show us a picture of your really cute cat? Our cat is really shy, so it's best to just send the money. You have no idea how expensive cat surgery is! If you're a student, consider diverting your college tuition to this important cause.
Are we human or are we dancers? If you're looking on your knees for an answer, you may miss any evidence above three feet high.
Is your Dad Cave Johnson? Listen, we'll pay you fifty crisp dollar bills to ignore that small x drawn over your kidney and take this delicious anesthetic.
Which element is the most popular? Gold, because it is backed by gold.
Boron. Not for any chemical reason, but because of its obsession with the timeline of Dr. Who.
Neon, see above. Sexy=trashy.
Helium frequently wears mylar.
Question is sexist, moving on.
Platinum is the best coating for teeth.
Einsteinium, due to nepotism.
Can you choose between your children? The answer is yes: Lithium.
I bought the book just recently, and I'm halfway through reading it. It's absolutely hilarious. One of the funniest books I've read in a while. In seriousness, I think that even for real scientists, the world is more confusing than ever. Let's say you're James Watson. You probably understand almost everything about DNA. Maybe not the cutting edge stuff, but you're an absolute genius. Now put James Watson on Skype. I guarantee he doesn't know how it works in the same way he knows how DNA works. We live in a world where the facts are too confusing, and that inspired me. Plus, I like showing babies drinking chemicals.
What inspired you to start writing Fake Science 101, as well as running the Fake Science tumblr? Have you ever come across people who really take what you say as serious fact? Sadly, my fake science is frequently taken for real. It seems related more to the popularity of the post than its plausibility. People who read the site are, generally, awesome, but when a post gets popular it hits a "new audience." That new group thinks I'm serious when I suggest an incredibly stupid reason why cats purr.
Thanks for answering my questions! I think my first introduction to your blog was when I saw that cats purr picture, and I subsequently spent the rest of my evening going back in the archives. Thanks for writing such an awesome book! Thanks for reading it. The senior fake scientist may indeed be allergic to cats, so if you detect an anti-feline sentiment, there's a reason.
Which field of science do you wish to do more research in? Probably Physics, since it might help us discover an alternate universe where we've done the research already.
Are you ever worried that people are too dumb to realize your facts are fake and think they are true? Natural selection can't be based on hip-to-waist ratios alone. Intelligence has to be exposed somewhere.
Also, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck? According the recent research on woodchuck woodchucking, it depends on the woodchuck's size, chuckability, and preference in wood taste. On average, however, if a woodchuck could chuck wood, a woodchuck would chuck 3 trees an hour, which is why they're a key cause of global warming.
Chuckability is my new favorite word. What species of tree has the greatest chuckability? Would you prefer high or low chuckability when purchasing a 1990 Chrysler Town and Country? Generally, you're going to find that coffee tables are highly chuckable because they supply the woodchuck with caffeine to chuck more quickly.
You want your automobiles to have as much panelling as possible, highly chuckable, so the woodchuck can chuck and by chucking chuck excess weight from the vehicle (for a species so hellbent on expediting global warming, it ironically can make your drive more efficient).
Exactly what kinds of lab coats are in for fall of 2012? Get ready scientists! Because this season you're going to get the lab jackets that are hot to trot.
This year the hot new color for labcoats is...white! That's right—white is the new white when it comes to labcoats. You'll find that white captures all your experimental stains and, at the same time, keeps you looking pale.
Hit that runway with your beaker ready. Fashion and science never stop!
Is there a place for science now that the God Particle has been found? More importantly, what will Higgs claim to lose next? He's had everyone trying to find his boson for years, even though he invented it.
There's a chance he may trick the scientific community into believing they have to find "his" Ferrari that he "lost."
How come the moon is visible on some nights but not others? Have you checked that you don't have your eyes closed on the nights when the moon is invisible?
Are you a fan of Look Around You? Believe it or not, I had not heard of Look Around You until I'd started the site and, after obsessive Googling, people pointed it out to me. My first reaction was horror, because it seemed like the almost exact same idea as mine (and, of course, mine had come later). I remained scared over the past two years that there would be a Look Around You book and I'd be in trouble.
That said, I've watched them all since then. I am a fan, especially of the aesthetics. They really nail it.
What is the actual meaning of life, the universe, and everything? The number 44.
Sometimes science has to add two.
Deal with it.
4 + 4 = 8. "Fake Science" in ASCII decimal representation "102 97 107 101 32 115 99 105 101 110 99 101". The sum of the numbers is 1169. 1+1+6+9 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8 We don't know what it means, but we've wired you all of our assets. A mind like yours was meant to lead.
How do you find fake references for a fake textbook? Our book has many references including but not limited to:
The popular science book Imagine While Blinking With Einstein by Malcolm Foer Lehrer. What happens when you look at the world the same way, but different? Science! Only 24.95 at your local airport.
The Carl Sagan classic Cosmos, which supplied all the drink recipes in our book.
Our Earth Science section relied on a stunning seven part documentary Dirt: Buried Secrets.
We also sent a number of interns into libraries, where they searched for some of the smartest looking words available.
Who would win in a fight the country of Argentina or the element Boron? No one wants war as a means of conflict resolution, and no doubt Argentina would begin with significant Boron sanctions. Ultimately, however, Boron would triumph in all out conflict thanks to its ability to survive without food, water, or political consensus.
If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound and why? Trees have fallen for thousands of years and are almost never able to get up again.
The sound they make travels in waves, but those waves have to be registered by an ear (this is the same reason seashells make the noise of waves when you put them to your ear). For that reason, our final answer is no, unless the tree is near an ocean.
Please, go into a secluded forest today to give a tree a chance at a dignified death.
If a tree fell down in a forest and there was nobody around to hear it, would a wood chuck could chuck wood? The wood chuck's woodchucking is insatiable. It won't stop until the polar ice caps are melted.
Are there parallel universes? We cover this extensively in the book. Not only are there parallel universes, but in some parallel universes, parallel universes are perpendicular.
Did you know, that out of all mammals, the Giraffe takes the longest to dry? Of course, the T-Rex is not a mammal. But it took forever to dry off. Its tiny arms couldn't reach everywhere with the towel.
How does time travel work? Just look in your childhood diary. We wrote the answer there fourteen years ago.
How does one become a fake scientist? Are you also a real scientist? It takes a lot of hard work to know nothing.
You can read our confessional here.
What is the longest answer you can give to this question? The easiest way is for you to read this answer very slowly. Try to give each word at least four to five minutes so they can really soak in.
Should we be concerned about solar flares? I'm thinking about building a survival bunker. For us to answer this question, you need to distinguish between solar flares. Are you talking about the fireball of flame that will destroy us all and everything we love, or the accent pieces the sun might wear to add flair, like cool sunglasses or a funky little hat? Many of those are solar legends.
How do fake scientists feel about the humanities? From one of our chapter quizzes:
> Science and the arts occasionally have a strained relationship. Still, it’s important to learn about the arts. Write a short essay about what you would do if you met a poet, a musician, and an artist. Then describe how you would use science to cure them so they could do something useful with their lives.
If sound can't travel through a vacuum, why is my Dyson so freaking loud? Related: It seems paradoxical that Roombas would beep so frequently.
How did you guys find the ground-breaking cure for mono? Sadly, our cure hasn't continued successfully. If you mesh two monos together, you cure it by creating duo. Then you have to cure duo. Eventually, you're stuck with a bad case of octo and banned from every drinking fountain in the state.
If you had to bang one element, which element would it be? Also would it happen in space? I'm sorry, but I believe that human/element intercourse should be a loving relationship based on mutual respect, not "banging." It should transcend carnal desires in favor of mutual understanding and companionship. If that is expressed physically, at some point, then so be it, as long as it's in a spirit of love.
Edit: Spelling. That said, have you seen the places neon shows up? You buy neon one drink and the next thing you know...
If you could urinate any one liquid without anatomical difficulty, what would it be and why? Gasoline. It would be like urinating gold.
Then why not pick liquid gold? That would be like urinating gold. The smell, OK? You wanted us to say it, we'll say it. When we smell gasoline, everything becomes easy.
What is the science behind spontaneous human combustion? This has captivated the public for years, since most people have friends and family members they'd like to see combust.
As with all disciplines, we study smaller animals before officially testing on humans. So far, we've only concluded that combusting chimpanzees is extremely mysterious and messy.
What's your favorite do-at-home experiment? Oh and your replies haven't been long enough yet. Try testing gravity at home. Gravity is the force that makes things hurt. How quickly do you fall off your kitchen counter? What about a baby? Does it fall at the same rate, or a different rate? What about at different angles, like head first? Test it and find out!
How do you blind someone with science? SCIENCE! All you need is knowledge, assuming that your knowledge is mixed with acid and an alibi.
Can you explain gravity to me? Again, some complex scientific questions are best addressed by our earlier research in the book. Let us know if you have specific questions.
> All of us have experienced gravity, since it’s one of the primary forces behind tripping. If you want to explore gravity, try throwing this book in the air and seeing if it stays there or drops to the floor.
> What is gravity? Generally, gravity comes from the fact that smaller forces are attracted to larger forces, which is why belly-flop competi- tions are usually won by heavyset people. The moon is bound to the Earth through gravity, the Earth is bound to the sun through gravity, and the sun is bound to its position because it’s too heavy to move. As we get further from gravity’s source, its pull weakens. Try dropping the book off a tall building or a bridge; in addition to giving a passerby some knowledge, you’ll see how gravity changes.
> Where does gravity come from? Scientists continue to debate the issue, frequently in midair. Einstein argued that gravity comes from the curvature of space and time, which explains why all of the planets are round. It also explains why going in circles makes you dizzy, because of the additional gravity. If gravity changes, a square Earth may be in our future. The San Andreas Fault could easily become a corner.
Science you say...... If I eat myself, would I be twice as bigger or disappear completely? It's contingent upon your digestibility. Do you find yourself high in fiber, or fattier? Your volume may depend upon it.
When will humans land on Mars? Well, it's almost certain that they won't land on Mars. They'll have to be inside a spaceship that lands.
Seriously though, how do we make perfect smoothies? Your book only touches upon it lightly. This remains beyond the bounds of Physics, especially when you involve both peach and blueberry. Perhaps the next Nobel will go to the person who figures out how to make a smoothie without half the smoothie ending up stuck inside the blender.
Why can't anything go faster than light? Lots of things can go faster than light but we aren't able to see them. Darkness, for example, is always somewhere before light appears.
Dear Mr. Senior Fake Scientist, Sadly, that depends on the gravitational tides. These tides can be hard to determine, so keep your Richter scale and boogie board with you at all times.
How long until we detect gravitational waves? Also, your greeting should read "Dear Dr. Senior Fake Scientist, PhD, JD, MA, BA, LLC, Air Conditioner Technician Certification, 2002."
Can you explain the theory of evolution? I wasn't paying attention in my science class. Again, an excerpt works better than new research. This is from the conclusion of our Biology chapter. Please ask if you have other specific questions.
> Developed by Charles Darwin during a singles cruise to the Galapagos, the theory proposes that species change over time because of the traits they inherit or the money they inherit. It’s the main reason why Three-Toed Mike doesn’t have any children and the royal family is alive and well.
> This breeding process is determined by natural selection, which is also used at many organic groceries. As Darwin observed the mating habits on his cruise, he realized that some men would never have children as ugly as they were. No woman would “select” them for breeding. Natural selection was aided by later theories of mutation, which helped create slight changes in species. Shortly after the introduction of these theories, there was a craze to consume radioactive products in hopes that they might make the drinker mutate into somebody more attractive.
> Perhaps the theory of evolution is best known for its assertion that men and apes share a common ancestor. Many apes found this highly offensive, since they consider themselves to be less violent, better climbers, and considerably more attractive than humans. The chimpanzees responded by throwing their feces, though they do that to almost everything.
> Evolution leads to a key question: What will man evolve to next? Perhaps a particularly bookish young person will breed with a computer and create the first compu-man, with incredible powers of calculation and a tendency to glare and have glare. Or maybe man will finally develop a mutation to fly, assuming the wings meet regulatory standards.
> We don’t know what will happen next, and that proves that biology is the continually unfolding story of ourselves. There’s always something new to discover about ourselves when the door’s closed. Our amazing world is full of life: go find it, name it, and eat it today.
My work creating Evangelions (artificial life forms cloned from aliens known as Angels) has hit a snag. Help please? Have you considered working to enhance the pilot evangelion interaction? Also, try adding a pinch of salt.
I'm having trouble getting the skin off of my gerbil, what are your suggestions for getting it off cleanly based off of your knowledge of gerbil anatomy? If you've found a zipper anywhere, that would make it a lot easier.
I really love your work, but I have seen it reposted without credit more times than I have seen it on your website. In fact, the first time I saw your wonderful explanation of magnets on your website, I was surprised that you made it seeing as how I had seen it so many times before but never once heard about the website. Is this sort of thing a big concern for you, especially since you don't include any sort of logo or watermark in your images? Thanks for your concern—I think it's just a cost of doing business and considering that the internet makes things really viral and popular, I'm willing to accept the risk of not always getting credit. So I don't really worry about it, especially since it wouldn't accomplish much.
What is the sexiest element on the periodic table? Clothed or nude?
Clothed. I like my elements classy ;) There's nothing better than Tungsten in a little black dress.
How do they get all that fire to stay in a circle like that to make the sun? Actually, the fire is not always in a true circle because the sun, like the Earth, has never been able to precisely define Pi. In addition, any calculator would immediately be burned.
Late to this science party, but hopefully you can still help me out. I'm trying to convert my microwave into a time machine, with the intent of placing a frozen chicken (from my local grocery store) inside and reviving it into one of its dinosaur ancestors. Unfortunately I am having some difficulty reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. Can you offer any assistance or advice on how to succeed with that? Do I need to defrost the chicken first? Am I using the wrong type of poultry? This is a typical beginner's mistake: is your microwave even facing backwards? That's crucial to reverse the polarity.
Hi Phil! Senior climate scientologist here - I've been told that the sky is blue because it reflects the ocean. But a sea captain recently told me that the ocean looks blue because it reflects the sky. Which of those answers is true? Actually, something called "refraction" is involved, which means we only understand a fraction of how it works. That said, the sky is blue. This is the reason that when the yellow sun combines with the blue sky, green light appears on grass.
What is the key to infinite, sustainable, and environmentally friendly energy? If we stop using things that require electricity, we'll have more energy than we ever need.
So, are you related to Cave Johnson? There are a lot of contracts we're forced to sign which may cause us to deny liability, responsibility, filiality, paternity, fraternity, and responsibility. We'll have Aperture's legal team contact you ASAP, so please leave your door unlocked to make it easier for them.
Why do men have nipples? For the milk. If you don't believe us, try suckling on them until it comes out. It will take persistence, but eventually your thirst will be quenched.
Physics question: If cats always land on their feet, and toast always lands butter side down, what would actually happen if you put toast butter side up on the back of a cat? Perpetual motion? Eventually, the cat would figure out a way to eat the butter and that would stop the cycle.
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Des fouilles au FEMMES ET PRODUCTION DE LAIT LOCAL Automobile : Production de véhicules par pays ... Pourquoi tu regarde l’auto DIMO Software - YouTube

Apres obtention d’un mandat de perquisition auprès du procureur de la République, les locaux de ce fast food ont été fouillés, avec l’aide des équipes cynotechniques et une quantité de 3.5 kg de kif traité, dissimulée dans le réfrigérateur du local, a été récupérée, ainsi que des armes blanches de différents types et calibres. Venir Au Poste de Traite, c’est aussi découvrir les fondamentaux de l’agrotourisme ou les mets sont principalement élaborés de produits de l’Ile. Aussi, vous pourrez découvrir les différentes activités proposées sur place comme la découverte de l’Ile et de ses saveurs grâce au cyclotourisme (location de vélos et/ou scooters ... Pas de pollution sonore, ni de pollution odorante, ici, nous respectons l’Ile et son environnement. 4 X . Pour quatre personnes. CE FORFAIT INCLUT • Location de 4 scooters pour une période de 6 heures • Un casque par personne • Carte de l’Île avec gratuités et rabais • Formation pour novices • Stationnement sans frais L’américain Inteva ferme à Saint-Dié-des-Vosges et supprime 222 emplois. L’offre de reprise d’Inteva Products France présentée par sa maison-mère, l’équipementier automobile Inteva ... Vérifiez les traductions'local de la poste' en Anglais. Cherchez des exemples de traductions local de la poste dans des phrases, écoutez à la prononciation et apprenez la grammaire.

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Des fouilles au "Vieux Fort" / Excavations at the "Old Fort"

Traite de lait de vache dans une étable du village ... Avoir du lait en abondance pour allaiter son bébé le premier jour de la naissance et en continuité ... Mobile Auto Bodywork ... WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE CUP OF THE WORLD - LES PARODIES BROS - Duration: 7:15. Les Parodie Bros 4,450,405 views Nous partageons ici quelques moment de la fouille exploratoire à l'intérieur du poste de traite de la Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson datant de 1685-90. / We show some of the work taking place ... Cette vidéo montre l'évolution du nombre de véhicules automobiles produits par pays dans le monde à travers les années entre 1999 et 2018. Pour consulter les... Westfalia (GEA) 2x3 Auto Tandem - Duration: 2:58. ... Salle de traite Parallèle P2100 DeLaval - Duration: ... un poste de traite swing-over ...